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The Fashion Academy is a private vocational school based in Abuja, Nigeria. Here, we are dedicated to the art of making beautiful garments and helping people learn this valuable skill and pave their way into the fashion industry.

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the fashion academy

We will teach you the A-to-Z of making beautiful garments that are marketable


Meet the team

TFA is nurtured by a team of experts with 10+ years of experience in the fashion industry. Read the story of our love and passion for garment-making.



Our Courses

Regardless of your skill level, our professional courses will make sure you get to the next level. Find out more about our courses here.


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Aspiring Fashion Creatives


Do you feel that you have the potential eye and taste for fashion, but not enough practical skills for making a beautiful piece of clothing that someone can actually wear?

We have courses designed for people who are beginners, just like you.

Our courses will take you through the very basics of design, sewing, machine use, pattern making, and garment construction for womenswear. You will be making your very own capsule collection of 6 garments, from concept to creation.

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Existing Fashion Business Owners

Do you own a fashion business, and you'd like to improve your research skills and design quality so you can better communicate your ideas to potential clients?

We will teach you exactly how to do that, through our courses.

You will learn the conceptual aspect of marketable garment production, and gain practical experience of the processes in garment making.

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Startup Fashion Labels

Are you a startup fashion label in the making? Do you have the right tools and knowledge to effectively scale your business beyond your local area?

Few Nigerian brands have gained global recognition - so let us address the obstacles you will face in the fashion industry as a young startup, and prepare you to overcome them with our knowledge and expertise in building a successful fashion brand.

You will learn valuable lessons on how you can scale your fashion label to reach global audiences.

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Home Sewers & Self-Taught Dressmakers

Are you a homesewer or a self-taught dressmaker looking to take your skills to the next level?

We have courses tailored to improving your current sewing abilities. Learn from our experts and refine your craft.

You may not be looking to start a business yet, but we can certainly get your skills to that level.

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What our Clients Say about Us

Anne Ekueme Fashion Designer
Attending the fashion academy was the 1st step I took towards starting my fashion business. The fashion academy gave me the foundation and clear insight into what I was about to embark on. It also helped me understand my strengths in the world of fashion and how to establish and achieve my dreams in the fashion industry.
Shehu Umar Fashion Designer
I have been in the Fashion Industry for over 8 years and wondered how clothes I see on TV where made so perfectly. It was a mystery to me until I signed up On The Fashion Academy. I got to see how clothes are made professionally and in a qualitative way.
Kimberly Heinrich Fashion Designer
I visited so many Fashion Schools before I came to The Fashion Academy and what got me engaged was the reception and professionalism the people showed. They are very organized and well put together.